Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4 photo

Good & Bad


Good Camera

Excellent software processing and computational photography. A dual camera setup(16MP & 12.2Mp) back and an 8MP front, 4K Video (30 fps) , Portrait Mode, Night Sight.

Bad Camera

No 4K Video recording at 60 FPS like iPhone 11.

Bad Camera

No ultrawide camera at the back like Samsung, iPhones or Huawei.

Bad Camera

The standard camera google app does not provide any image or video filters options within the app itself.


Good Security

First Pixel device to have a secure face unlock which can be used to unlock phone, make payments and sign into some apps. But No Fingerprint unlock.

Bad Security

The phone does not have a fingerprint sensor to unlock like the previous Pixel phones.


Good OS-features

Pixel 4 comes with Google's latest Android (10Q) which is also bloatware free. That means no 3rd party apps.

Bad OS-features

Pixel 4 motion sense (gesture) does not work flawlessly. It has its hits and misses.


Good Battery

Fast Charging is possible, and a fast charger of 18 W is included with the box.

Bad Battery

Average battery performance with a screen on time of 4.1 hours.


Good Wireless-tech

Pixel 4 supports wireless charging. It will work with any standard Qi-certified wireless charger.


Good Design

Pixel 4 has a relatively small size and a lightweight phone. It comes with a screen size of 5.7 Inches


Good Display

Pixel 4 has a beautiful Full HD (OLED) with a maximum refresh rate of 90 Hertz. That means playing games and scrolling through content will look and feel a lot smoother than the regular displays.


Good Performance

Has good RAM of 6GB to ensure good performance and comes with two storage options of 64 GB and 128 GB


Good Durability

IP68 Dust, and Water protection. That means the device is fit enough to withstand dust, sand etc. It can also stay in water if dropped up to a maximum of 1.5 meters for up to 30 mins.

Good Durability

The phone has a solid built with Aluminum frames and corning gorilla glass 5 on the front screen.


Bad Ecosystem

Lack of 3.5 mm Headphone Jack. That means you would have to invest in a decent pair of Bluetooth headsets.

Bad Ecosystem

Pixel 4 does not come with USB Type C earbuds included in the box except in Australia and France.


Bad Network

No 5G support on Pixel 4 Phones.