Google Pixel 3A XL

Google Pixel 3A XL photo

Good & Bad


Good Price

Pixel 3a XL is a budget friendly phone starting at 399$


Good Camera

Excellent photos from the single camera at the back. Camera benefits from Googles Excellent software processing and computational photography.

Bad Camera

Although Pixel 3a is a good shooter it lacks other kinds of lenses like a wide angle camera at the back.

Bad Camera

The quality of the video lacks details even in bright light. The video also has some shaky effect.


Good Ecosystem

Pixel 3a XL has a headphone jack. So, your existing headphones can be used here.

Good Ecosystem

Pixel 3a XL comes with stock Android and google promises to deliver updates for at least 3 years.


Good Performance

Although the phone has a slow processor and RAM (Qualcomm 670 & 4GB RAM), the phone is still fast to use thanks to Google's stock android.


Good Display

For lovers of big screens, this phone (XL) comes with a screen size of 6 Inches with an OLED display. So, media consumption on this phone will be good.


Good Battery

Pixel 3a XL comes with a large battery of 3700 mAH. On an average you can get through 1 day of usage in 1 charge.

Good Battery

The phone has fast charging capability with 18 W charger included in the box. The phone can be charged up to 50 % in approx. 30 mins.


Good Design

Although the phone is made of Plastic, it does not feel or look cheap in hand. The phone is also light weight to use compared to other similar big size phones.

Good Design

Although pixel 3a xl does not have a scratch resistant glass like Pixel 3 , it can handle keys and coins without getting scratched.


Good Security

The phone has a fast fingerprint sensor at the back to unlock the phone.


Bad Durability

The phone is not water resistant. The phone can handle splashes of water but try to avoid dropping the phone in the pool.


Bad Wireless-tech

No wireless charging. Unlike Pixel 3, Pixel 3a series does not have wireless charging support.


Bad Network

Phone does not have 5G capabilities


Bad Storage

The phone comes with only 1 storage option of 64 GB.